Chiron / nal von minden - London NPS 2018

New Psychoactive Substances | Munich 2015

Around 20 internationally-acknowledged speakers have given talks on the subject of so-called "legal highs". The most up to date findings on the following topics have been discussed:

  • Metabolism of various legal highs in the human body
  • Detection in different sample matrices
  • The social aspects of this new drug culture
  • Current legal situations and perspectives

Most of the presentations are available for download.
Just click on presentation title and it will open in a new window.

Drugs 2.0 - The web Revolution that's changing how the world is getting high
Mike Power

Conventional and emerging drugs of abuse: the current situation
Michael Uhl

The synthesis of a number of metabolites from the synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018, THJ-018, AKB-48, 5F-AKB-48 identified in human urine samples
Martin Josefsson

Focus on synthetic cathinones of 1st and 2d generation and new analytical methods to screen them
Jean-Francois Julien, (Capital antibodies)

Perks and Pitfalls of on-line purchasing
Jenny Button

Customs seizure in a post centre in Switzerland
Werner Bernhard

Core shell technology for improved LC drug screening
Harald Müller (Phenomenx)

Fast single-injection quantification of cocaine in street samples using multiple isotopically labelled internal standards
Lana Brockbals

Possibilities and limitations of routine drug analysis in clinics
Georg Weinfurtner

Designer drugs and 'Legal Highs': Pharmacological and toxicological aspects
Volker Auwärter

Oral fluid as an alternative matrix for monitoring licit and illicit drug abuse
Michael Böttcher

Designer Benzodiazepines - metabolism and detection
Bjoern Moosmann

Results from the Swedish STRIDA project
Matilda Bäckberg

Ethylphenidate and new alternatives- from chasing the high to fatalities in Scotland
Claire Parks

Rapid Detection Techniques for New Psychoactive Substances in Forensic Casework
Sara Harkai

Welsh Emerging Drugs & Identification of Novel Substances Project (WEDINOS)
Dean Acreman

Detection of NPS in hair
Alberto Salomone

NPS retailers and producers – concerns to stay within the law
Rudi Fortson

Strategies for NPS design and preparation
Jon E. Johansen

Immunological detection methods in the context of NPS
Torsten Winkler